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Welcome to the official website of the project!

The project "Heun functions, their generalizations and applications", nicknamed "the Heun project", aims to gather professionals wanting to take active participation in a collaboration dedicated to developing a numerical realization of the Heun functions which would account for the specific properties of those functions. We want to unite the scientists working in different fields - physicists, chemists, biologists, financiers, mathematicians interested in special functions and analytical methods, specialists in numerical methods and programmers - everyone who has encountered the Heun functions as part of his/her work and wish to contribute to filling the gaps in the theory and the numerical realizations of those functions.

While the goal of this collaboration is to obtain funding for the Heun project, equally important are the discussions which will take place as part of the work program, the dissemination of the knowledge on those functions and the possibility of joint inter-disciplinary research. The funding is needed to facilitate this process and to allow the project members to work on filling the gaps on those fascinating functions and ultimately, to find innovative ways of dealing with them.

For a list of the participants and more information on the project, please check our website. If you are interested in participating, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Note: This text is copyrighted by The Heun Project. If you want to use it, please contact our coordinators.
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